Intense brainwave treatment for anxiety, panic attack and nervousness – Stay calm and feel fine

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9 Responses to Intense brainwave treatment for anxiety, panic attack and nervousness – Stay calm and feel fine

  1. Paula Montes

    Thank you so much for uploading this, has helped me a great deal! I resist
    to take any medicine to control my anxiety and panic attacks even when I
    feel living in hell. I know the healing is in within myself. Sending love
    to all of you suffering from this monster, know you are not alone ;) 

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  5. Sharon J Renfro

    Believe or not, you will find a natural treatment method could enable you
    to take out panic attack

  6. alyne Groovin oldskool 70's

    Its a blessing To find Support !! We all that have or may experience such
    an horror can find support to help one another. I suffered anxiety and
    Panic attacks over 28 years. The saddest thing about it. It sucks the life
    out of you. In and out Er , Living in fear, hopeless, and shameful
    , Family and loveones can be overwhelmed or unsupported . Which is
    understandable !! They endures some source of emotional
    reactions from your life changing , unrealistic, episodes (Lol). But
    true!!!. Before my journey on this bumpy road. I was A very positive
    individual , happy , grateful , flexible, ambitious, talentive, energentic
    and ETC.. .I could take on many tasks and Support others they were going through as myself. I could be supportive for them.I will
    be posting my story, solutions,and My remedies that works for me. Im a
    very private person who lives mostly in isolation, After reading many sad
    and happy stories on here , I think its wonderful for all to Post, share
    and spread the love and concerns about each other, We will adopt a new
    family who also suffers with anxiety, depression , Panic attacks, or any
    kind of disorder, Biggest Coping method is beginning with getting
    connective to our Spiritual side,,, Our creator can get into our beins
    and Bring instant comforts, Quicker than Xanax, 911 or ETC, , Feel free to
    send me your feedbacks,Im on youtube
    search alyne grooving, I usually post oldies . I just started my Upload a
    week ago, I will dedicated my free time to help and share support for all.
    thank you
    God bless!!!

  7. ELPaso1990TX

    SRI and SSRI medication is no good for anxiety. If it works its only helps
    a minority. The human serotonin system is one of the most complex in nature
    in no 2 people is it the same. Drugs like LSD work on serotonin and that’s
    one of the weirdest drugs known!

    Right here’s the facts.
    SRI and SSRI drugs allow serotonin pool to increase.

    Serotonin acts on the SYMPATHETIC nervous system which increases the flight
    and fight response the main cause of panic attacks. It causes blood vessels
    to constrict and blood pressure rises. Hyperventilation causes dizziness
    and unreality feelings. All this is due to Serotonin!

    No wonder panic attacks are a side effect of SRI drugs like Prozac!

    In addition the serotonin system being so complex leads to positive and
    negative feedback. In depression we need to raise Serotonin so these drugs
    should be idea? Right? Not always. As Serotonin increases in some people
    the body shuts down anymore serotonin production, meaning a drop in
    serotonin levels, which explains why these drugs also cause depression,
    loss of sex drive etc.

    complicated huh?

    It is a complicated system and not something to be messed around with!

    SRI and SSRI don’t go near them!

  8. ELPaso1990TX

    I agree SRI medication is ok for depression but does not work well with
    anxiety. For starters it makes anxiety worse by imbalance of serotonin
    during the loading phase, that’s enough to make many users quit their SRI
    medication after only a few days! These side effects happen for the first 2
    weeks. They cause digestive problems, lack of interest in life, loss of sex
    drive, disruption of brains dopamine reward system etc leaving the person
    empty and open to more a anxiety. Then of course is the physical dependency
    and withdrawal symptoms.

    As a medication its like giving a cancer sufferer a drug that increases
    cell division and tumor spread, or a sciatica sufferer a drug that increase

    Sadly little research has been done into effective anti anxiety medication,
    and we’re only left with nasty SRIs, highly addictive benzodiazepines and

    Behaviour modification therapy and hypnosis are much better and effective
    ways of treating anxiety and panic.

  9. Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis

    Intense brainwave treatment for anxiety, panic attack and nervousness